In the chinese VA, he says 天动万象 : 天 - means sky … The Rinnegan (輪廻眼 Literally meaning: Saṃsāra Eye) is reputed as the most exalted eye amongst the "Three Great Dōjutsu",1 the others being the Sharingan and the Byakugan. When Sasuke trapped the tailed beast in a genjutsu. It's a kekkei genkai sealing jutsu. 4 chibaku tensei We’ve seen Chibaku Tensei, or Planetary Devastation, several times throughout the series, and each time, it seems to get more and more powerful. I see tensei used in shinra tensei, chibaku tensei, and edo tensei, so I'm confused on its meaning. The ability to createplanets. All of your stat points have to be focused into CHI, NIN, and then HP. Sasuke can Amaterasu all of them and it will be very hard to dodge all of his Susanoo arrows. What's more, he can use the powers of the Rinnegan to use Chibaku Tensei as well. Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星, Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth): ... (輪墓, Rinbo; Literally meaning "Wheel Grave"), which is generally impossible to detect or visually perceive. [2] It is characterised by its ripple-like pattern which spreads over the eyeballs, with light purple irides and sclerae. 地爆天星 = Chibaku Tensei So real translators don't have to search for the kanji used. This jutsu has users create a black ball and toss it in the sky, drawing everything in the area until it creates an overhead planetoid with an opponent trapped in the center of it. When Sasuke performed Chibaku Tensei AFTER trapping the TB in a genjutsu. Unlike Shinra Tensei which is the power of repulsion (magnetic forces), gravitational pull allows you to fly instead of repelling yourself in the air temporarily before falling back down. Itachi in susanoo mode being<<