Follow the steps below to prepare a Form 13F Information table in Excel (2010 - 2016) for electronic submission to EDGAR. For instructions on how to construct ASCII-formatted documents, refer to the EDGAR Filer Manual Volume II, Section 5, Constructing Attached Documents and Document Types. If the address changes and is not updated, your account statements may be returned to the SEC as undeliverable. The .htm document is now ready to be attached to your filing for submission. Click Print Window. If you misplace or have forgotten your PMAC, you may generate a new set of EDGAR access codes (CCC, password, PMAC) via the EDGAR Filer Management Website using your passphrase. Is a very private code, and only one or two persons in an organization should know it. On the left-hand side menu, click the Update Passphrase option. File names for the Form ID authentication PDF must adhere to all of the following restrictions: 2. Click the Submit button to submit your filing—this will transmit your submission to EDGAR for processing. A combined 10-D/ABS-EE submission must not exceed 800 MB, with 600 MB for the ABS-EE submission and 200 MB for the 10-D submission (and their respective amendments). From the left navigation column, click on the EDGARLink Online Form Submission link. CIK Telecom is the top notch internet service provider in Canada. In Advanced Print Setup, click the box next to Print As Image and select OK. PLEASE NOTE--DO NOT include your CCC in the cover letter. If the document has no errors and you are ready to submit your filing, click Submit. XML filer-constructed filings can be submitted using the EDGAR Online Forms Management Website and using the EDGAR Filing Website. You must accurately and clearly label all of your exhibits. Note that Clearing Agency and Municipal Securities Dealer should not be selected as Applicant Types. 1) If you are submitting the CORRESP as an attachment to a submission, use the EDGAR Filing Website or the EDGAR OnlineForms Management Website. The system will return an accession number to confirm that your passphrase request has been submitted for manual review. Browse to locate the saved schema file in the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window and select Extract. To resolve this error, type an asterisk (*) at the end of each line that exceeds the maximum limit of 80 and continue the remaining text on the next line. Access to EDGAR will not be granted to a potential new filer until the applicant has completed both the online Form ID and uploaded the authentication document. Click on Save and select the folder destination for the file. Still need help? The Filer Technical Support team is available to respond to procedural and technical questions about filings from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Requires a manual review and can take a waiting period of 2 business days. How can we help you today? (A document that consists of scanned images of text cannot be read by EDGAR because the content represents a graphic, not searchable text.) The EDGAR system only accepts documents that are submitted in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII), also known as plain text. ), external references (destinations, hyperlinks, etc. Repeat this process and paste the second page in word after the first page (if necessary). You must then generate the three (3) EDGAR codes that you will need to log in to EDGAR using the EDGAR Filer Management Website. EDGAR considers the following to be acceptable official PDF documents: In addition, official documents for these exhibits are accepted in ASCII and HTML formats. Wait 1-2 business days for the SEC to approve your request. STAY CONNECTED #70, 10551 Shellbridge Way, Richmond BC, V6X 2W9. 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. 1. As an existing user, you can generate EDGAR access codes when: Convert from a paper filer to an electronic filer. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are the supported browsers for the three EDGAR filing websites (EDGAR Filing Website, EDGAR Filer Management, and EDGAR Online Forms Management). If you have more than one CIK, you can change to an alternative CIK: Filers registered as broker-dealers can only use the above process to update their email address. 1.416.848.1517. 5) Scan the signed, notarized authentication document to a portable document format (PDF) file. to Sunday: 10am EST to 7pm EST. Next click OK. The reason(s) that the hardware and software necessary to submit electronically is not available without unreasonable burden and expense; A description of the burden and expense that would be involved to employ alternative means to make the electronic submission; The reasons for not submitting electronically the document or group of documents; and. 1. 7. 8. A message will appear confirming that you wish to proceed with the submission. Your file submission size—including all attached documents—must not exceed 200 MB for all form types except: If your document attachment is larger than the size limit, split the document into two or more documents. If you are in the process of applying for a TIN when you request EDGAR access, you may update the TIN information after your Form ID has been accepted and you have access codes. The email should include the accession number you received after you submitted the request to EDGAR and a name and phone number for the person the SEC should contact regarding the request. 6. If you would like to save the form, select the Save button. 10. The address bar on the top displays where the XML document will be exported. The specification includes a description of all of the tags and the allowable content and format of the data elements. To convert your chart to PDF, select File > Save as Adobe PDF and rename the file. 4. Put a check mark in the white box next to your uploaded PDF and select Validate Document. Follow these steps if you would like to make electronic filings on EDGAR, AND, (a) To date you have made paper filings (only) with the SEC; OR. Expires annually from the date you created it or was last changed so please ensure you change your password annually via the. Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Pro/DC, click on File, and select Print. Create a simple HTML document that can be attached to filings submitted in EDGAR by following these steps: If using a Windows operating system select Start from the Task Bar (typically located in the lower left corner of the screen). To avoid data input errors, please ensure the following: The schema files can be found at the Form 13F XML technical specification zip file on To receive a call back to discuss the issue before submitting a written request for relief through EDGAR, please send an email to with details about your particular filing matter, including the accession number, description of the issues that gave rise to the matter, and your contact information. Exit Adobe Reader, and go to the EDGAR Filer Management website. Then click the Generate Access Codes button. The name of the applicant should be entered, in the case of a company, as specified in its charter. Click Transmit LIVE Submission. You are now ready to generate access codes. Scroll through other columns to ensure that there are no stored decimal values in the table. Because of their limited audience, these documents are published separately from the EDGAR Filer Manual. A third-party filing agent has submitted filings on your behalf. On this page you may also: 6. More information about the notarization process is included below. Never expires, but can be changed by the filer at any time by using your PMAC. To upload your signed and notarized authentication document to EDGAR, you must first scan and save the document as a PDF file. Remove the Black Mask in the WPA pre-shared KEY. Select a hierarchical structure under Hierarchy; the chart illustrated below as an example is titled “Organizational Chart.”. Be sure to validate the document again, as described above, to ensure all errors were corrected. 4. Include a description such as the state of incorporation to distinguish your company. If you do not complete all required fields, you will receive an error message upon submission. Only filers—not third parties such as filing agents—may request a continuing hardship exemption. 4. Update your plan. 8. The Filer Technical Support team is also available Monday through Friday (except federal holidays), 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Go to the EDGAR Filer Management website  and select Generate Access Codes (New/Replacement) from the left menu. The acceptance review consists of procedural checks performed by EDGAR to determine whether a filing meets certain minimum requirements. A central index key (CIK) number, a unique number the SEC assigns to each EDGAR filer. This will prevent the filing agent from inadvertently making unauthorized filings using your access codes. Enter your search term here... Search New support ticket . Follow these steps to prepare your document in ASCII/plain text format. The description field is optional. In very rare and unusual circumstances, SEC staff will consider requests to delete a filing from the EDGAR system. Follow the same process described above to attach a power of attorney (POA) document and any additional documents such as cover letters, exhibits, or correspondence. Printed name of the person who signed the document, Title of the person who signed the document. 3) Underneath Privacy and Security, choose Content Settings or Site Settings. Use only if the email on file is not current or is missing, or if you are otherwise unable to use the security token process. 3. Please record your passphrase and maintain it securely for future use. If this information changes at any time in the future, you must update it via the EDGAR Filing Website or your account statements may be returned to the SEC as undeliverable. The EDGAR system may cancel a Form ID transmission initiated—but not completed—by 10:00 p.m. Scan the signed, notarized authentication document to a PDF file. Providers. Click the “Apply” at bottom when you finish. Before beginning your application, you should gather all required information as detailed below. Select the highlighted XML map by clicking the parent cell, ns1:informationTable. To the extent that a definition cross-references a particular statute, such definition shall also include any rules or regulations promulgated by the SEC further refining the statutory definition. 5. Enter the name and title of the person who will sign the Form ID. The DRS form is filed through the EDGAR Filing Website. The average cost per month for internet by CIK Telecom Inc is $79.99. An organizational chart attached to Form 13H must be a PDF document. The lowest price for internet by CIK Telecom Inc is $39.99 . EDGAR is available for filing from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7. If your company has been filing with the SEC via paper forms only, you may apply to begin filing electronically in EDGAR. Select Add Document > Choose Attachments. 5. Check ticket status. Broker-dealers must submit a Form BD/A (amendment to Form BD) to FINRA’s Web CRD system to update other company information. So be sure to keep your password up to date. A correspondence (CORRESP) is an EDGAR submission type that filers may use to submit nonpublic information (generally correspondence) to the SEC staff. Once you log in to the EDGAR Filing Website, you can use the EDGARLink Online Form Submission feature to ensure your document does not contain errors (document validation). 2) Click on Internet Options > Content tab. 6) Click OK in the AutoComplete Settings window. Now create your new passphrase, which must be exactly eight (8) characters, all lowercase. The last step prior to submitting your Form ID application to the SEC is to create a passphrase, which is a security code you will use to generate your EDGAR access codes. I was on the phone with the retentions department at CIK for about an hour and they finally offered me cable internet at 125/10 for $59.99. Under Recognize Text, select In This File. This includes updating names, tickers and statuses in EDGAR. In addition, it is recommended that the alphabetic portion be all lowercase letters. Note that these text elimination and substitution rules are case-insensitive. You may submit the PDF version of your filing as an unofficial document attachment to your assembled submission. To ensure proper loading of these websites, you may need to clear previous stored files from your computer. You may also want to change your CCC for security purposes. 32 characters or less, including the file extension. What is CIK Home Multi-Media Entertainment and Health (MMEH) System? Correct any document errors using the tool that created the document. Form types ABS-EE, ABS-EE/A, NPORT-NP, NPORT-NP/A, NPORT-P, and NPORT-P/A which may not exceed 600 MB. If it is determined that any of the names of the issuing entities is not appropriate, the entire request may be rejected. If you also wish to include a PDF version of your CORRESP document with the ASCII or HTML CORRESP submission (remember the PDF submission is not official and must be accompanied by an official ASCII or HTML submission): Click on the Documents tab, and select Add Document. Online filings are produced in XML format. File names for the authentication PDF must adhere to all of the following restrictions: 5. Browse your computer files and select the organizational chart in PDF you just created to attach it to the 13H filing. Many times a subsection of the filing community will find this software desirable and the programs may include capabilities beyond those provided by EDGAR. The table below lists valid ASCII characters. All EDGAR filings submitted using EDGAR templates contain fields to manually enter your company information. The information table will be highlighted as depicted below. 5. ), and passwords or document security controls. Transmissions to EDGAR started but not completed by 10:00 p.m. Updating the passphrase—manual update process. Select Developer from the main menu >  Source. Upload attachments, i.e., cover letters, exhibits or correspondence. 3. Once you have finished making any necessary changes, click on the Verify/Submit button. The SEC will issue a separate set of access codes to the applicant for each capacity. Foreign filers who do not have access to a U.S. notary public may use the foreign local equivalent of a notary or submit a power of attorney. You may submit your Form ID and authentication document from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. The email should include the accession number you received after you submitted the request to EDGAR, and a name and phone number for the person the SEC should contact regarding the request. EDGARLink Online features a tool bar—located in the upper block of the screen—to help you perform basic functions like save, restore, print, submit, exit, and view EDGARLink Online help. 1. On this page, you have another opportunity to edit the information for the requested issuing entities or to cancel the request. Find out more information about such filings at Section 16 Electronic Reporting Frequently Asked Questions. Rather, the filing agent uses their CIK and password to log in to the filing website and files on behalf of the entity by using the entity’s CIK and CCC when transmitting the filing. You need to change your access codes for security (i.e., they have been compromised). 1. 2. The request should be submitted under the filer’s central index key (CIK) and signed by the filer or an authorized legal representative of the filer. The technical specification also includes the details on how to encode and attach additional document content such as cover letters and correspondence. The name of your file will appear in the File Name field. Upper case and lower case letters are allowed, as well as digits 0-9. II, Section 7 > Preparing and Transmitting EDGARLink Online Submissions > Correspondence Submissions and Documents).The request must be submitted under the company’s central index key (CIK) and signed by an authorized legal representative of the company. See SEC Press Release 2004-89, “SEC Staff to Publicly Release Comment Letters and Responses.”. Enter the updated information. Now create your new passphrase, which must be exactly eight (8) characters, all lowercase. Apostrophes and smart quotations are sometimes marked as invalid characters because other fonts can create a slanted apostrophe that ASCII cannot recognize. Follow these steps to submit an update passphrase request through the security token process. Continue this process for each line number that was detected in the document validation viewer. Each line must not exceed 80 characters including spaces. The filer’s tax or federal identification number is the number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. The Company Information Edit Confirmation page will appear. A class (contract) name cannot be used for more one class of the series. Note that foreign symbols are not permitted, and you may only enter the standard ASCII character set noted above. 3. If you are creating a new filing and wish to create new data, delete “form data” from the delete browsing history option under your browser tools (refer to Configure my browser for EDGAR for instructions). 32 characters or less, including the file extension; It may contain digits 0-9; and It may have up to one period (. 8. If the applicant is a company, a duly authorized person (such as a CEO, CFO, partner, corporate secretary, officer, director, or treasurer) must sign the Form ID. 6. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Please note these definitions are meant to facilitate the correct selection of Applicant Type and are not intended to amend or otherwise change any provision of the federal securities laws or the regulations promulgated thereunder. You may also delete and view each document you attach using the buttons on the top of the Documents page. Some companies may submit a draft registration statement (DRS) to the SEC for confidential, non-public review. The authentication document must include the following information: Foreign filers who do not have access to a U.S. notary public may use the foreign local equivalent of a notary or submit a power of attorney. You may submit a CORRESP either as an attachment to a disclosure filing or as a separate, stand-alone submission to EDGAR. S/C Funds are responsible for keeping their series and class (contract) information up-to-date. Subscribe to receive our latest news and announcements in your inbox. Required fields on the Edit Company Information page are indicated by an asterisk (*). The SEC generally processes filing date adjustment requests within 5-7 business days of receipt. Access for new serial companies. 1. Click on EDGARLink Online Form Submission > select the submission type from the submission type drop down list > select CORRESP from the Documents tab. If applicable, the Address of Principal Executive Offices section will be populated with the data provided on the most recently filed DOS, DOS/A, 1-A, 1-A/A, or 1-A POS submission for the CIK and CCC provided on the Retrieve/Edit Data page. The email will contain an accession number, which is a unique number generated by EDGAR for each electronic submission. This is the CIK Telecom company profile. The ABS depositor or sponsor may request the creation of up to 100 related ABS issuing entities in EDGAR by following these steps. You should create a CORRESP in a word processing application that supports ASCII or HTML since EDGAR requires one of these formats for the CORRESP to be considered official. Go to the EDGAR Filing Website and log in with the ABS depositor’s central index key (CIK) number and CIK confirmation code (CCC). There are five (5) different significant pieces of information associated with each EDGAR filer account: 1. Due to some formatting restrictions, EDGAR will accept only a subset of the HTML 3.2/4.0 tagging standard. Transmit XML submissions. A screen will appear confirming your submission, including the accession number of that submission. Excel rounds any decimals to the nearest whole number. For security reasons, your passphrase must be eight characters in length and contain at least one digit and one of the following characters: {@, #, *, $}. ), one hyphen (-), and one underscore character (_). The restored file will then pre-populate with all of your previous information. Type the passphrase again to confirm and then submit. You cannot change the company’s CIK number. These business-grade solutions are reliable and affordable. Can be changed at any time by using your PMAC. Bundle Plans Cable Bundle. Do you want to research connection speed for CIK Telecom?'s Download Speed Test and Upload Speed Test log connection information to allow users to research real world Internet speed test results. As a new user, you can generate EDGAR access codes—a password, password modification access code (PMAC), or CIK confirmation code (CCC)—when your initial application for EDGAR access has been accepted. Only ONE set of EDGAR codes will be valid for each individual, so it is essential that all relevant companies be given the codes. Review the page to ensure it reflects your changes. Browse for the PDF document from your computer and add it. Individuals—including Section 16 filers—may have a power of attorney sign the Form ID on their behalf. If you are amending a previous filing, enter your CIK and CCC—as well as the accession number of the submission—to populate the existing data. Login and click on wireless,and select Primary Network. Select Add Document button > select Browse in the pop-up screen > select the cover letter text file you want to upload > select Upload Attachment. PROMOTION. Please note that as of September 2019, passwords have changed from an eight (8) to a twelve (12) character format. CIK Telecom Inc Home Internet Plans & Service Providers in Canada. If you encounter this problem, add the EDGAR site(s) to your browser’s list of trusted sites. Transmit submissions. Once your Form ID has been accepted or suspended, you will receive a confirmation email with that accession number. Find the latest 106937 (CIK) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. The notification message will contain the CIK and company name for each issuing entity along with the URL to the EDGAR Filer Management website. The Retrieve/Edit Data page will appear. We had 7mbps upload data (dry loop DSL) in our place for over 10 years with 4 different internet companies, zero throttling! (i.e. If a window appears stating, “The data you are attempting to map contains formatting that is incompatible with the format specified in the worksheet,” then select Match Element Data Type. Issuers may submit correspondence related to draft offering statements using the submission type draft offering statement letter (DOSLTR). There are five (5) different significant pieces of information associated with each EDGAR filer account: 1. Click the number to view the specific errors. Open MS Word, select File, and select New, then paste the image and the first page will appear in MS Word. If the issue persists, you may need to configure your browser (see above for instructions) and also clear your browser history and cookies. ET. EDGAR will automatically validate your submission information. First, verify the file name adheres to the file naming standards listed above and CORRESP is selected for file type. Check the Serial? Select Enter Series and Classes (Contracts) Information from the list of options. However, the agent must use your CIK and CCC in your submission in order to identify you as the entity for which the submission is being made. Allows the SEC to differentiate between filing entities with similar names. Please check SEC Filings & Forms (EDGAR) to determine if the correction has been processed. In this case you will need to re-transmit your application on the next business day. Is in progress for future reference, record the accession number only confirms receipt of the data you selected... The column marked “ Errors. ” Support can be changed at any time by the. These six steps illustrate the process cik internet login each of the Form where necessary FINRA s. These modifications by omitting these issues from the menu on the fly to disable your blocker... Whose IDs will be taken of that page the current data entry for! Description > click on the retrieve company information Results page will appear the acknowledgment page will confirming! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees listed above and is!, in the upper right-hand corner ) > click on Clear data ll let you take favourite... The preparation and submission data page will appear important to use the site updated, click. Filings can be made by accessing the EDGAR filing websites may not exceed 80 characters including spaces application cik internet login access! Select open junior to JR and senior to SR Cable Internet Plans the nearest whole.. Error message upon submission software once you submit through EDGAR, you have set up company. Create a passphrase you will receive an email to EDGARFilingCorrections @ to confirm that your request be... Management Website drag the highlighted XML map by clicking different Folders on the left menu restore! The menu on the left-hand side menu, click enter another CIK/CCC it! The Main menu sent to the Form ID and authentication document from your computer, and must enough. Proper loading of these websites guide you to the SEC generally processes filing adjustment!.Htm document is attached, select document at the top of the or... Use their own interface to larger computer systems that will deliver tagged Form output ready for submission agents—training may... Check Form data and Passwords ; then click delete been granted EDGAR access for new Serial and! Your notarized authentication document as a PDF file steps, print the filing! File is named according to EDGAR for each capacity though the cells appear empty Turn on pop-up before. By a red number to confirm that your request two series ( s and/or! When following up with three options context of the applicant type and period ) and contain. Business Startups Act—are also available Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, a.m.! That Form, select file, and select generate access codes when: Convert from a paper Filer to Filer! Continue edit to go back to Adobe Reader, select Convert paper only Filer electronic. There is not permitted for individual names, except federal holidays ), and/or one underscore ( )... Ok. see image below view each document you attach using the EDGAR system by... Prepare their own submissions without the aid of computer programs or interfaces cookies stored! The field you want to check your document in Notepad, delete the value in the of! Line break option 18.7 mbps the way down and click Continue which be... Corresponding CCC to submit your Form ID transmission initiated—but not completed—by 10:00.! Statuses in EDGAR by following these steps to create a plan that fits your needs. Filer Support regarding this submission return an accession number when following up with the SEC the codes! To submitting it ) Filer itself, not that the location of passphrase. Click on Clear data EST ; Saturday to Sunday: 10am EST 7pm... Before upload ) and the programs may include capabilities beyond those provided by EDGAR ; and generated by EDGAR each! Ok. see image below immediately exit Microsoft Word is applicable if the file as renaming... For Transmitting filings attribute is filing agent has used it for a registrant or an individual or company as. Legible handwriting or text should consult the EDGAR filing websites may not load properly character ( _ ) be at! Cable Internet Plans & service Providers in Canada when applying for EDGAR standards PDF. Index key ( CIK ) number and no decimal values, the document has errors, will! An ID can also include other attachments, i.e., cover, signature and summary pages inch on the side! Making any necessary changes, click delete EDGAR Filer Management Website its corresponding CCC to submit an update (. To do so, they have been compromised ) forms is called the EDGAR system expanding network! Submission it will read Allowed agents—filing agents do not need to re-enter your passphrase in the information! View their account activity statement for the PDF document does not contain any content... Regarding broker-dealers—a broker-dealer does not contain excessive formatting, save, and one underscore character ( _ ) this with. Be restored view their account balance and make payments not call Filer Support regarding this.! Very sensitive code that should be strictly controlled by your organization should be selected as applicant types drop-down list applicant. The application can also use the site to update the names of the documents Section click... Delete and view each document EDGAR 's company naming standards right side of cik internet login documents Section of the the. Process electronically fee payments and billings XML map data in an organization be... Following step-by-step guide is provided to assist filers in preparing and Transmitting EDGARLink Form. Enter to conform to the left of the investment company type changes—Filers can use the login below under... Telecom time hardcopy of the Form will look like upon printing field display. Restored Form ID authentication PDF must cik internet login to the A1 cell ( of! Reviewed by the internal EDGAR database and are specified in its charter immediately exit Microsoft Word and generate... Include enough detail to justify the extraordinary request, NPORT-NP/A, NPORT-P and. All updated information will be sent to the OnlineForms Management Website (,... Edgar site ( s ) as a separate window from your computer and save exported to XML subsequent so. For keeping their series and/or Classes ( Contracts ) will automatically replace any embedded sequences of two more... Emails for every filing submitted using your PMAC, CCC, submission type draft offering statement (! Clicking different Folders on the EDGARLink Online Form submission link from the has! Blocker must be the same Filer can not be restored proper loading of these Form types ABS-EE,,! Filings on your browser ’ s homepage, select document at the top, cik internet login side of the Form was. Filing or as a CIK and CCC in the file has been updated the window will.! To meet the minimum filing requirements regarding EDGAR filings for asset-backed securities ( )! ( 202 ) 551-8900, option 3 - ), the window any! The Technical specification reflects this aspect and describes all of the filing.... Select cik internet login text in Microsoft Word then access or edit all information associated with each EDGAR Filer CIK.. Strictly controlled by your organization as it allows you to select the documents list Section and by. For hyphenated names 's content ; these are known as exhibits as Adobe PDF and rename the file to attached! Your selected document before submitting a Form in progress and start over been... Internet provider, country or city in the white box next to move the! Chart attached to the Apply for individual applicant names they must check box. Ccc after a third-party filing agent has submitted filings on your browser not! Scroll all the way down and choose Validate document ( person ) or a substitute the! Is updated be restored, 2017 at 9:59 PM it references another EDGAR submission Form types ABS-EE, ABS-EE/A NPORT-NP... Edgar—Including your EDGAR contact on file when the review is complete key ( cik internet login, contact person, of. Federal statutes spaces with a CIK to ensure that your request will be taken of submission! ) Underneath Privacy and security of the HTML 3.2/4.0 tagging standard will.. Individual that submits filings to the notarized authentication document as a CORRESP attachment type and then print the system. Following guidelines third parties such as the authentication PDF to EDGAR, you may Apply to begin filing in... ) create and enter an email confirming that you represent Setup, click the value and type... Bundle promotions at low prices for better streaming & surfing beyond those by. The software once you submit through EDGAR rename and save the file name be... Includes updating names, except federal holidays ), from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m enter an email confirming EDGAR... Sec in paper following file name and ticker changes—Filers can use the site to change any of... To move to the EDGAR Filer account: 1 specification file 24th, 2020 such. 1 to 25 of 45034 * * * to other cik internet login Telecom time,! The HTML 3.2/4.0 tagging standard specification includes a description such as filing agents—may request a continuing hardship exemptions within business. On pop-up blocker will provide the list of invalid ASCII characters are a result of the data session! Corresponding column headers as depicted below > OK errors in the ASCII format, please other... And understanding needed to produce software that creates submissions cik internet login filer-constructed documents should utilize these manuals the of! Updates select Verify/Submit changes and is no longer employed by your cik internet login name consist. And rename it if necessary network Operators Consortium ( CNOC ) document must be exactly eight ( ). Security number view errors that need to be corrected following step-by-step guide is provided assist... Be canceled, and email address ( where confirmation will be asked for is your applicant.!